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RIF, the Most Evil Three Letters Today

RIF.  Reduction in Force sounds much better to the palette when you say it as RIF, then you do not have to attach guilt or any form of emotional attachment to the word.  It is a kinder, gentler word to most, but if you ask me it is pure evil.  He Who Must Not Be Named evil, that’s right Voldemort evil.

I have been through it eight times now in the last seven years and survived five times.  That’s a pretty good winning percentage, but it is not a good situation to be in for anyone involved.  The stress, anxiety, and worry are not healthy for anyone.  I came out of the situations with a smile on my face and with a positive attitude, but it still can be a painful situation for your family especially.  I hope that you never have to go through it.  Enjoy.


Excitement or Business As Usual?

After a hectic Monday morning, I sat back and reflected upon the events that occurred.  For most of my career, I would dread coming to work on Monday mornings, and I loathed the stressful work environments created in the aftermath.  At this point in my career, I thrive on the chaos that is called Monday.  Most days are business as usual, especially if your plan is to be as proactive as possible, however Mondays still provide excitement.  Mondays provide a challenge.  Mondays are a raging tower of excitement.  Well, maybe I am getting a little carried away, but you get the picture.  How do you tackle the beast that is Monday?


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