SQL Nexus, Quirkiness Continued

SQL Nexus Report Options

SQL Nexus Report Options

As we continue our SQL Nexus journey, we continue to point out some quirkiness in the amazingly useful SQL Nexus tool.  One of the items in the Reports section that I find quirky is the “Realtime – Server Status” report which on the surface sounds like an essential tool that I would rely heavily upon.  However, when I select that report, the child screen goes blank and nothing happens.

Some of the other reports, such as the “SQL Server 2000 Perf Stats” report at least prompt you with a “The database doesn’t have necessary data to run this report” dialog box.  That makes sense in this case because I am running from a SQL 2008 R2 source import.  As we discovered early on in this blog series, the “ReadTrace_Main” report only works if your trace file import is successful.  But the “Realtime – Server Status” report gives us nothing.  No error, no suggestion, no data, nothing whatsoever.

After some careful research, actually I just loaded a SQL Server 2005 import, I discovered that this only works for 2005.  Sadly, it appears to be a deprecated feature.  This is a neat report that shows a dashboard reflecting the health of the server.  This is quirky and there should at least be a message telling you that it will not work with 2008.  Enjoy!


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  1. My Realtime – Server Status throws an error ‘Invalid column cpu_ticks_in_ms’. As you say, deprecated feature, not maintained for systems beyond SQL 2005.

    Even more quirkiness when I try to load the SQLDiag output into SQLNexus. Looking at the SQL Server 2008 Perf Stats report Query Hash CP report appears correctly but you click on Duration or IO and you receive error stating ‘Invalid table name tbl_topNdurationbyqueryhash. Problem is SQLNexus not parsing the SQLDiag OUT file correctly.

  2. Daryl Mcanelly

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