About SQLGator

Like most children, SQLGator was born at an early age.  After a year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida, SQLGator decided to change his career path to Computer Science.  SQLGator has worked in the Information Technology field for over fifteen years.  He started programming in Pascal and Object Pascal with Borland Delphi.  He then worked as a Progress Programmer, Database Administrator and Consultant.  At various stages of his career he has programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic and Access.  Throughout the years of programming he has built and designed databases using Progress RDBMS, MySQL and SQL Server.

SQLGator’s duties have usually always included some form of System Administration and/or Network Administration from Windows NT 3.51 to his current position administering over 120 Windows 2003/2008 R2 server boxes with some physical and some virtual using VMWare.  This current environment includes over 500 virtual machines on 35 hosts across four geographical locations using clustering/high availability.  Currently he administers a SQL 2005 production cluster and a disaster recovery cluster.  There are ten SQL 2005 servers, some virtual and some physical.  He is currently designing three powerful SQL 2008 R2 clusters, two production and one UAT to be rolled out in early 2012.  The organization is primarily Oracle with more applications moving to SQL Server.

SQLGator currently possesses a MCTS certification for Implementation and Maintenance with SQL Server 2008 received in March 2011.

  1. Hey SQLGator. My name is Greg Kress, I live in the greater Atlanta area, I am a business owner, and very savvy in MS Excel. I have created a spreadsheet that has become a Frankenstein, and am switching it functionality over to MS Access. I am looking for an MS Access Users Group and found this SQL Group. I think that this may be way over my head, and not what I am looking for. Would you mind dropping me an email at gkress@numail.org and I would like to discuss what may be available in the area. Thanks, Greg

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