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Daily Commute

On the third day of my commute into Tampa for Immersion training this week and I realized how much worse the traffic was down into Tampa from when I last did it fourteen years ago.

It is only 60 miles from my house to the training near the airport, and that used to be a pleasant commute as long as there were no accidents, but now it is a white knuckle stop and go death grip full of road rage. If you do this on a daily basis, then my hats off to you.

This is why I enjoy living in a small town; for the peaceful serenity of relaxing living sans traffic. Rural America provides a great living and a good place to raise my children thus far. I enjoy the sense of community and slow pace as it greatly reduces my stress level. The only downside is that high tech firms have not caught onto this wonderful lifestyle, they need to! Enjoy!

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