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SQL Azure Baby Steps

Yesterday I listed a few links to get you started in SQL Azure. In addition to the free 90-day trial, did you know that there were special pricing offers for Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and or BizSpark for SQL Azure?  MSDN subscribers, for example, get $3,600 dollars worth of Azure benefits at no charge.  Check out Windows Azure Special Pricing: MSDN, MPN, and Bizspark Benefits for more information.

When you move past all of the pricing and setting up your accounts then you will want to check out the following article MSDN Magazine article about Getting Started with SQL Azure Development.  It is essentially a walk-through guide that will get you up and running or should I say flying through the cloud.  Enjoy!


Don’t Know Much About Azure?

Everyone is talking about the cloud these days.  Microsoft’s cloud offerings provide many amazing features including SQL Server.  I have posted several links to begin you cloud journey.  Enjoy and I hope this helps you get to your destination!

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