T-26 Days Until My Summit Excursion Occurs

With the DATEDIFF script returning 26 today, I thought it would be great to include some pictures from my last and only trip to Seattle in 1987. As a stud defensive lineman (maybe just in my own mind), I was not too cool to be a mathlete and flex my national Mu Alpha Theta competition smile. I am geek and always have been so it would not be surprising that I was the captain of the Algebra II team that won the state competition.  This was a blast for the four of us on the Algebra II team, my friend David Jones competing in the individual Trigonometry and Pedro Nunez in Geometry, I believe.

In the dugout of the King Dome

This is my friend Chuck Zanti and I sitting where Ken Griffey, Jr. and Alex Rodriquez sat inside the King Dome during our tour of the stadium.  We wanted to see a game, but the Mariners were out-of-town the whole week.  Sadly I will not be able to return here since it no longer exists.

Boeing Museum

This is inside the Boeing Museum of Flight, which was another highlight of our trip in addition to the flying fish at Pike Place Market.  I do not think I will have time to visit Boeing this time, but the market is definitely on the agenda.

Somewhere across Puget Sound with Great Salmon

I am not sure that I remember what this place was called, I just know that we took a long ferry ride to the island and then we saw a Native Americans performance along with some excellent salmon.  Of course, we had to get a picture in front of the totem pole.

View from the Dorm at U Dub

And finally, this was the view from our dorm room at the U Dub (University of Washington) where the math competition was held.  It was a beautiful campus and we greatly enjoyed our stay in Seattle.  Enjoy!


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