SQL Saturday #132 Pensacola, My First Presentation!

Welcome to Pensacola: home of the flash floods, torrential downpours, and wonderful people! Blogging live from SQL Saturday #132 after giving my world premier first presentation and my adrenaline is through the roof right now. I won the “Funniest Presentation Award” and received the Zombie Survival Guide. What a rush! But it almost didn’t happen!

After the first couple of sessions this morning, I went back to the hotel room to change into dry clothing and change my socks and shoes, yes I was serious about the flooding. I put some bags on my dry shoes and headed back to make it back in time for my session. Enter the flash flood around the Pensacola State College, so much so that people were stranded in the middle of the road outside of the building that we were located in. I drove around the perimeter of the college and almost got stuck in an intersection, that was very scary. I have never been stuck in a flood before and it was my wife’s fairly new SUV, that would not have been good for the vehicle or me.

Flood waters were not going to keep me from my first presentation as I put a fair amount of work into it. The audience laughed at all the right places, these people get me. I love #SQLFamily, what a great community! I will post the slide deck when I get back to the hotel and will blog more as the week goes on. Enjoy!



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  1. Great job Ed, and your award was well deserved! Although I doubt any zombies could chase you throw the floodwaters.

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