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Common Request from Vendor

These days it seems that I am getting more and more requests like this one:

Can you please backup XYZ database and then run the following command, UPDATE XYZtable.column SET FIELD=’somevalue’ WHERE KeyField = ‘value’?

Mind you, that XYZ database is a production database with a legitimate development and/or acceptance counterpart depending upon the importance of the data.  Here is my usual response:

Sure.  I would be happy to run that for you in the DEVELOPMENT environment.  <Pause>  What do you mean production is down and this needs to go straight to production?  <Pause>  So who changed this value to cause your application to go down?  <Pause>  The vendor says this happens all the time with the application?  And this is the fix?

Unfortunately, these types of requests seem to be more common place when dealing with vendor databases, at lease in my environment.  Having been a developer in a previous lifetime, this really bothers me.  We called that a patch, where the vendor fixes the application to stop causing the problem especially when data was involved.  Fix the problem, not the symptoms people.  Enjoy!

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