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Off Topic Excitement, Technology Refresh!

Today is a big day harkening back to the first Star Wars action figure I received as a child.  This is huge, I am stoked!  My iPad 3 will be arriving today!  Previously, I bought a droid tablet because, well let’s be honest here, it was cheap, only $200.  Why bother with an iPad if I can get the same function for less money, right?  Well I should have known that the reason I love my third iteration of iPhone is because they build a great product that works reliably. 

The droid tablet, the Dell Streak, was to put it frankly, a piece of crap.  It was awkward and unusable.  If I left it off of the charger over night it would drain the battery and it did not recover well from full draining usually requiring me to find a paper clip to jam into the rest button.  Eventually I attached the paper clip to the power cord as I was frequently pressing the reset button when I was unable to revive the streak from its REM sleep.  After several months, I was able to download the Honeycomb flavor of the droid OS which made the screens a little more usable, but apps like twitter and Facebook were not as smooth and free-flowing as on my iPhone.  It all worked out in the end as Amazon bought my tablet for $150 in their buy back program, largely because I held on to the box.  At this point, it looks like a good idea to start doing that for all my toys in order to soften the upgrade costs.  Ahh, technology refresh is now more affordable!


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