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SQL Tool Evaluation, List of Tools

Thanks everyone for the feedback.  Below are the items submitted thus far for me to evaluate, let me know within the next few days if you have any others to add to the list.  Keep in mind that I am an Enterprise DBA, therefore I will not be evaluating any development tools.

Stay tuned for further details.  I will have to process all of the EULAs and other paperwork in order to setup my test environment, but we have about five months left in order to complete this project.  Enjoy!


SQL Evaluation Project Upcoming

I have been tasked with an exciting goal for this new fiscal year. Determine whether our existing SQL Server tools, Redgate DBA/Backup Bundle and Toad for SQL Server, are the best tools for our needs. In other words, should we continue to pay for these tools or should we purchase different tools.

Before working for this employer, I have never been able to buy additional tools so I personally do not have any experience with any other tools.  Therefore, frankly, I love the Redgate tools, but I do not know how well they stack up against tools from other vendors.  Any input from my #SQLFamily would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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