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Want to See What’s New in SQL Server 2012?

When discussing SQL Server 2012 in the workplace, I have been asked several times for a summary of the new features as I am sure you have as well.  Want to find a good source to quote for your answers?  Well look no further:  What’s New in SQL Server 2012 (en-US) – TechNet Articles – United States (English) – TechNet Wiki.


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Best Practices Analyzer Is Now Available for Download

As many of you know already, I am very passionate about best practices.  Thus, it is with great pleasure that I announce that the Best Practice Analyzer for SQL Server 2012 is now available for download (see link below).  You will need the Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer (MBCA) version 2.0 and PowerShell 2.0 installed in order to use this BPA.  See my previous blog post on how to install the MBCA.  Enjoy!

Download: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Best Practices Analyzer – Microsoft Download Center – Download Details.

SQL Server 2012, Here We Come!

After meeting with Microsoft today to discuss our existing licenses and software assurance level, my organization gave SQL Server 2012 the green light!  With our existing software assurance agreement, we will be grandfathered in to the new structure.  Thus, when we renew our agreement in 2014, we will convert our existing processor based enterprise licenses to their equivalent core based licenses without additional penalty.  That conversion had management worried and there was  even discussion of staying on 2008 R2 for as long as feasibly possible, which no DBA wants to hear. 

With the grandfathering process, there will be a concerted push to build some new clusters so that they may be grandfathered in as well, especially since we found out that our new acceptance cluster did not count against our licenses if we had the appropriate MSDN licenses for our three SQL DBAs.  Personally, I was worried that the new licensing structure may derail some of management’s plans to reduce our Oracle footprint onto SQL Server.  If that had been derailed, my plans for global domination would have once again been thwarted by those darn meddling kids.  Or was that just old man Smithers channeling through me again?


Yesterday Was A Big, Big Day

Unless you are living under a rock, everyone knows that there were two big launches yesterday in the technology world.  Both were important to me.  The first was the virtual launch of SQL Server 2012, formerly known as Denali.  The second was the launch of the Apple iPad3 or the New iPad as their website is calling it.  They also launched a few other minor things but I find it interesting that Apple scheduled their launch after the SQL Server launch was announced.  Was this intentional?  I’m sure.

I tip my hat to Microsoft for this virtual launch platform was pretty nifty.  However it did lack the free t-shirt and pen raid I usually make on the Expo Hall floor because frankly who doesn’t love free SWAG!  I still have to set up a new virtual environment so I can begin playing with the SQL Server 2012 RTM, which was also available for download.

Now onto Apple, with the popularity of the iPad and iPhone, you would think that they would scale out their infrastructure to be able to accommodate the deluge of traffic to their store and website.  With enough money to buy this country, they could have a better solution to these woes.  I had to actually wait a couple of hours before I could buy my new iPad.  Oh, the horror.


RTM: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Today Microsoft announced the RTM for SQL Server 2012 with general availability set for April 1st! The SQL Universe and twitter #SQLFamily is all ablaze with excitement.

I personally will wait a few hours to let the servers catch a breath with some restored bandwidth. What about you?

Personally I will be setting up a Windows 2008R2 virtual lab running SQL Server 2012 and migrating the VMDK to my desktop and laptop probably. What are your plans? Do you plan to download 2012? Are you excited about Denali going RTM?

I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It!

The next couple of weeks are going to me huge in my SQL Server career.  Next week I will be attending the Immersion Training for Internals & Performance.  There are no words to express my excitement about this training as I don’t think I can truly comprehend how much I will be learning and moving my career into overdrive.  As I move towards the MCITP, and quite possibly towards the MCM or Microsoft Certified Master, this training will move me along in my journey into the BIG TIME!

The following week, I will be standing up two new SQL Server 2008 R2 clusters for a huge project that will impact the future of SQL Server in my organization.  This is a pivotal project and it is my first time standing up clusters on my own as I have maintained clusters but never built them on my own.  For this reason, we have asked our Microsoft Premier Field Engineer to assist and I will be soaking up her knowledge as we build a solid production and acceptance cluster environments.  If that project is successful, we will then look to move more of our Oracle systems to SQL Server and my plan for world domination will be set in motion.

And finally on the week after that we will be meeting with Microsoft again to discuss our plans to move to SQL Server 2012 and help management understand the new pricing structure.  Hopefully we will be able to move forward and onto the next version of SQL Awesomeness.  These next three weeks will be pivotal for my career, time to dominate!  Enjoy!

Zest for Learning

In today’s competitive marketplace, we must have a zest for learning to remain relevant and marketable. While I am excited about the release of SQL Server 2012, its launch means that my 2008 MCTS has just become a little less marketable. The certification itself does not expire but it’s usefulness is definitely dated. I know many other DBAs have been testing and learning Denali for some time now. Time to pick up the slack.

Since my agency is in the process of implementing 2008R2 boxes replacing our 2005 boxes, we are in the forefront of available technology today. However, in a few months we will once again be one version behind. I can live with that, but my learning must continue. I have been planning on setting up a 2012 lab where I can be ready for the day that we migrate these new boxes.

The reality is that we must keep learning, we must keep moving, and we must remain relevant. Keep up the good work and enjoy!

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