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Yesterday Was A Big, Big Day

Unless you are living under a rock, everyone knows that there were two big launches yesterday in the technology world.  Both were important to me.  The first was the virtual launch of SQL Server 2012, formerly known as Denali.  The second was the launch of the Apple iPad3 or the New iPad as their website is calling it.  They also launched a few other minor things but I find it interesting that Apple scheduled their launch after the SQL Server launch was announced.  Was this intentional?  I’m sure.

I tip my hat to Microsoft for this virtual launch platform was pretty nifty.  However it did lack the free t-shirt and pen raid I usually make on the Expo Hall floor because frankly who doesn’t love free SWAG!  I still have to set up a new virtual environment so I can begin playing with the SQL Server 2012 RTM, which was also available for download.

Now onto Apple, with the popularity of the iPad and iPhone, you would think that they would scale out their infrastructure to be able to accommodate the deluge of traffic to their store and website.  With enough money to buy this country, they could have a better solution to these woes.  I had to actually wait a couple of hours before I could buy my new iPad.  Oh, the horror.



Microsoft RAP, Not Just Clever Lyrics

We scheduled a Microsoft RAP, or Risk and Health Assessment Program, with our Premier Support representative to occur this week.  This is an excellent program where a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer comes on site and assesses the risk and health of your SQL servers.  We installed some new hardware and began a migration process moving from 2005 to 2008R2, so we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to assess our new environment as well to look at our best practices.  Additionally, one of my goals for the assessment has been to put some weight behind my best practice ideas as well as some weight in order to change some practices by our developers.  This is also an excellent opportunity for some of junior staff members to talk one on one with the field engineer to discuss some issues we have been working through as well as some of our pain points.

I will blog next week about some of our more interesting findings.  Enjoy!

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