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Books That Remain On My Desk

While looking up something in the racecar book, I thought the topic would make a great blog post.  What books stay on your desk?  I have a book shelf full of wonderful books that are written by people smarter than me.  However, there are four books that never return back to the book shelf mainly because they are my “go to” books of choice.  They rarely fail me in my time of need. The first being my training manual for the SQLskills Immersion Event for Internals and Performance (aka IE1).  If you have taken this class, then you understand why this never leaves my desk.  The second manual is affectionately called the racecar book.  It is the actually called Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting and is the first book that I open when I have a question.  The third book is a new book called Troubleshooting SQL Server, A Guide for the Accidental DBA.  I am currently reading this book, but I think it will stay on my desk for some time to come.  The final book is Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering because I have yet to see another book for clustering that covers everything under the sun. Now don’t get me wrong, eBooks are great, but it still does not beat a real book, maybe I am just old school.  What books remain on your desk?

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