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Writing, More Fun Than I Thought

After spending many hours writing recently, in addition to the this blog, I am finding that technical writing is more fun than I would have imagined.  For years, I loathed creating documentation and presenting technical writing.  It always seems so dry.  Couldn’t someone spice it up with a tawdry love affair or double homicide in the middle of the data pump?  That is a technical manual that I couldn’t put down.

To be honest, I have secretly always wanted to be a writer, at least since high school.  I have even sat down several times  and started to write a novel only to get frustrated and give up after a few weeks.  When blogging came along, I was excited but had nothing to write about.  Now with this year and forcing myself to blog everyday, I have found that writing is getting easier and more enjoyable.   Let us see where this road will take me.


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