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Consequences…We All Face Them

When dealing with my teenagers, I’ve realized that the hardest concept for them to comprehend is consequences.  For example, they have done something wrong and I am going to take away their cell phone to which they reply: “You can’t do that because I need my phone, what happens if I get into an accident.” 

They are right, we should take away the car as well.  If you do not learn that there are consequences to the choices you make, then how will you ever be a responsible adult? 

Parenting is a difficult job for children.  Parenting for teenagers is almost near impossible on some days.  Do not get me wrong, my teens are great kids who make good grades, but even good kids can be snotheads thanks to all those hormones.

Mom, if you are reading this blog, I apologize for all the trouble I put you through, and stop laughing please.


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