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SQL Swampland Blog Upgrade


Figure 1 - Add to Home Screen

This morning SQL Swampland was configured to be more iPad friendly which includes a new magazine look and feel.  In order to get the amazing new cover logo, however, you will have to add the site to your Home Screen which is like a bookmarked icon directly on your iPad.  If you were not aware of this feature on your iPad/iPhone, it is a pretty cool feature for website that you visit frequently instead of opening safari and then accessing your bookmarks. 


Figure 2 - New iPad Cover Logo

After you add the site to your Home Screen you will see an icon with my face on it, mainly because I do not see a way to change that. After you click on my head, you will see the great new cover logo as shown in Figure 2. When you swipe on the right hand side of the screen you will see the magazine format as shown in Figure 3. With this format in mind, I may add more images because personally I am a visual learner and we all respond to visual stimuli.

I hope you find this useful and will take me with you on your iPad! Enjoy!


Figure 3 - New Magazine Layout

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