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#GetHawt Habits

This is just a quick note in preparation of the #GetHawt competition beginning tomorrow.

The bad habit that I will be giving up is tweeting and facebooking while driving.  Although I live in a rural area and this is relatively easy today with the slightly slower paced lifestyle (trust me I do not do it when I am in the city), I know that it is dangerous and sets a bad example for my young teenage driving children.  This will be a very hard habit to break, trust me!

The new habit that I will starting is helping out around the house.  Since I started back to school last year, I have pretty much neglected my household duties, paying teenagers to do them for me.  With blogging, school work, overtime, video games and my wife, the house needs some serious TLC from me.  I have a long list of honey-dos to get to.

I have no real exceptions to the food although I am not real clear on the portion size that constitutes a meal.  I see the spreadsheet with the individual portion sizes but who knows how many of those make up a meal.  Help?


Time for #GetHawt, Wanna Talk Smack?

If you follow me or the Midnight DBAs on twitter then you may have seen lately a challenge to get healthy not only in time for the PASS Summit but also in time for the rest of your life.  This contest appeals to me, not only because I enjoy getting healthier but because I enjoy talking smack and I would challenge my own mother to a contest if there was a prize.  And there is!

Don’t just take it from me, read about on Jen’s blog, take a look for yourself at the #GetHawt GameOn Challenge.  Come on you wanna do it too and talk smack with me.  Game on!

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