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CodePlex Tool: SQL Server 2008 Extended Events SSMS Addin

Yesterday we discussed traversing the CodePlex tool offerings for SQL Server.  Our first installment is the SQL Server 2008 Extended Events SSMS Addin written by MVP/MCM Jonathan Kehayias (blog|twitter)  of

The install was a simple GUI installer and after an SSMS restart, I could see the nice little GUI as seen in the image below.  This is great idea because there is currently not an extended events interface in SQL Server Management Studio. 

Personally, I haven’t worked very much with extended events, but I would like to learn more.  With that being said, I am not sure if the tool works or not because I really do not know what I am looking for.  Does this image mean I have an error?  When I click on the event , it does nothing which leads me to believe that I do not have an error.  I do see where I can edit the event session “system_health” but I am not sure if the items in the list are always there or only there when the event fires?  Jonathan is an MCM and is much smarter than me in regards to SQL Server, so maybe someone else can comment on this tool?  Maybe we can convince Jonathan to create some documentation.  Enjoy!

Extended Events SSMS GUI


CodePlex Tool Hunting

This morning I was contemplating what new project to tackle for my blog.  I started thinking about tackling PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs) and my recent blog on SQL Nexus.  That got me thinking about CodePlex, Microsoft’s open source directory where those two utilities are located.  What other great tools are out there for SQL Server?  This Project Directory indicates there are 328 SQL Server related projects on CodePlex.  Holy special toolbelt, Batman that is a lot of utilities.

I will spend the next week or so exploring some of these tools.  Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.

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