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Changing the Change Management

Personally, I am not a big fan of useless processes or processes for the sake of having a process.  Recently we underwent an audit and of course some processes have to change.  I get that, I really do.  They make suggestions for improvement, we implement those changes and everything is better.  Hopefully.

Since that point our change management process has been evolving on a daily basis.  I have asked for a written process and training on a few occasions since I have been here a little over a year ago.  The change management target has been in flux long before I got here and my supervisor does his best to try to keep our department in line with the processes but across the board it is going in many different directions.  The exact process really depends upon who you ask.  This is a problem.

Ironically enough, the change management software was being changed on a weekly basis without any change management tickets.  In other words, the change manager was not willing to use his own process for his realm of responsibility.  That was another bad reflection upon the process.

I appreciate change management.  What I do not appreciate is the process taking longer than the change with numerous fields to capture data.  If I reboot a server, it takes two minutes for the change and ten minutes for the paperwork needed to do so.  That is a bad process.  Who watches the watchmen, I mean the change managers?  Enjoy!

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