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Refocus This Blog

After writing predominantly about the PASS Summit for the last couple of months, it is hard to refocus.  Starting tomorrow, I will begin writing about SQL Server again, wow there is a novel concept.  My first Summit deserved a fair amount of attention, but now it is time to get back to business.  Enjoy!

Back to Reality

Now that Summit 2012 has come and gone, it is time to soldier on and return to reality.  With only eleven months until the next PASS Summit, apparently we will have to fill the void with actual work.  Since today is a holiday for me, I will be returning to work tomorrow and hopefully I will feel better as my servers miss me I am sure.  Until then I will enjoy my last few hours of SQL PASS adventure.  See you tomorrow.

I’m Going to the SQL PASS Summit!

For quite some time, I have hated November.   Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, let’s not get crazy there.  But, to watch everyone get excited about going to the annual SQL PASS Summit was almost like being the only guy at the prom without a date.  I never had that problem, but I can imagine it vividly thanks to having to sit out previous Summits because my employers did not see the benefit in flying me across the country.

It was quite painful to sit on the sidelines and see everyone enjoying #SQLKaraoke, seeing everyone meeting up with people that they had met on twitter in the #SQLFamily, and seeing bonds created and new friends made all in the name of SQL Server.  I had a front row seat each time from my couch.  A better analogy would be that of a professional football player at home watching other teams in the playoffs enjoying the sweet smell of success while he suffered the agony of the feet (or is that defeat).  Thousand of SQL Server professionals were enjoying the learning, the training, and the networking while I had to simply watch from home.  NO MORE!  NOT THIS YEAR BABY! I GOT A DATE FOR THE PROM!  I AM GOING TO THE SUMMIT!  Look out Seattle, let the Big Gator Growl!

I am going to send many glorious tweets and facebook updates showing all of the new things I am learning, all of the new people I am meeting, and the friends I got to meet in real life.  Also, let’s not forget the crazy songs I will sing at #SQLKaraoke, so when people talk to me throughout the year they will remember the good times we had that November when the planets aligned and I got to finally attend the SQL PASS Summit.  Good times, good friends, and maybe I will get to see the unicorn.  Is it time to go yet?  Can I go now?


While attending a viewing tonight for my wife’s cousin, I was once again reminded that life is too short to be unhappy.  Live your life to the fullest and savor every minutes.  Hug your family, call your friends, and spend time with them all.

Life is precious, it is a gift, do not squander it away.  You have heard all of this before, but I am here to remind you that time waits for no man!  Enjoy!

Changing the Change Management

Personally, I am not a big fan of useless processes or processes for the sake of having a process.  Recently we underwent an audit and of course some processes have to change.  I get that, I really do.  They make suggestions for improvement, we implement those changes and everything is better.  Hopefully.

Since that point our change management process has been evolving on a daily basis.  I have asked for a written process and training on a few occasions since I have been here a little over a year ago.  The change management target has been in flux long before I got here and my supervisor does his best to try to keep our department in line with the processes but across the board it is going in many different directions.  The exact process really depends upon who you ask.  This is a problem.

Ironically enough, the change management software was being changed on a weekly basis without any change management tickets.  In other words, the change manager was not willing to use his own process for his realm of responsibility.  That was another bad reflection upon the process.

I appreciate change management.  What I do not appreciate is the process taking longer than the change with numerous fields to capture data.  If I reboot a server, it takes two minutes for the change and ten minutes for the paperwork needed to do so.  That is a bad process.  Who watches the watchmen, I mean the change managers?  Enjoy!

Happy Independence Day

I hope everyone had a great and safe Independence day today. I spent the entire day in the pool with friends eatinf jerk chicken and great ribs! Enjoy!

Friends, They Make Life Worth Living

Contemplating a couple of technical articles, but with a holiday tomorrow all I can think about is having a great holiday tomorrow.  We are going to another family’s house for a pool party barbecue.  We have many friends and many levels of friends, but having great friends makes all the difference in the world.  We have other great friends, but we share vacations with this couple and we just enjoy hanging out with them.

That is the greatest feeling, having friends you love to be around that is. Now if my other friends are reading this, don’t worry we love you too.  The more friends you have in your life the more rich your life will be.  I hope you have great friends, too.  If not, then invite me over because I am fun to hang out with ;-).

Excellent Article Entitled – Why I Blog – The Atlantic

Today marks the completion of six months of daily blogging.  I am half way through my goal of 365 days of blogging.  It has definitely become a habit that I do not want to break, although I think next year I will reduce the goal to 5-7 blogs per week so that I am not a slave to the blog.  I think some days the posts are forced out of necessity to meet a goal.  This will allow some flexibility if I am just not feeling like I have anything to say that day.

I found this excellent article entitled Why I Blog in The Atlantic magazine.  The quote that spoke to me was:

Blogging is therefore to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.”


Father’s Day

I want to wish all of the father’s out there a wonderful Father’s Day.  I spent the day with my Dad today, not that I needed a special day but it is important to me to let him know that I appreciate everything he did for me.  Enjoy.

Father’s Day Weekend

Today my family cooked and prepared a nice ham dinner for my wife’s father and mother.  Or should I more appropriately say that my wife prepared the meal and I used my excellent meat cutting skills to slice the baked ham.  It is days like today that we live for, sharing stories, a good meal, and love.  I enjoy SQL Server and technology, but I love my family.  They are priority number one.  They are the reason that we go to work everyday.

I appreciate you reading this blog, but get off the computer and spend time with your family.

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