The Interview: A Necessary Evil?

To be blunt, I am horrid in interviews.  You and I can have a nice conversation normally, but call it an interview and I am a blundering idiot.  Nerves.  Anxiety.  Judgement.  If it wasn’t so sad it would make a great farcical comedy.  Oh I have gotten better over the years, but at almost every stop someone took a chance on me and later commented that they were glad they did because I totally blew the interview.  It would drive me mad to think about all of the lost opportunities over the years but everything happens for a reason.

In many of my positions we have wondered how some people got their jobs and it almost always boiled down to the fact that they interviewed well for it was obvious that it was not their skill.  Which begs the question, does the interview even work anymore?

Many people have told me that it is a good indicator of personality and seeing if the person will mesh well with the team.  That smacks of prejudice to me.  If your team is like a fraternity house, who will show you that personality in the interview process?  How will you know if you have a Blutarsky or a Dorfman or even a Chip Diller (sorry could not resist a Kevin Bacon Animal House reference).  Enjoy!


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  1. I don’t like interviews. They’re dumb. Too much superficiality…it’s like, “you do know I’m lying through my teeth, right?” Worst part? I feel they do.

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