Replication Series, Part Two: Replication Types

Continuing our series on replication, today we look at the different types of replication found within SQL Server.

Within the replication realm we have four different forms of replication:

  1. Transactional replication: transactions are updated as soon as they happen (near real time) between the publisher and subscriber.
  2. Snapshot replication: replicates data at a point-in-time, typically used for data that does not change often.  Completes refreshes of data entirely instead of incrementally.
  3. Peer-to-Peer replication: similar to transactional replication, replicates data to multiple server instances or nodes.  Changes occur as they happen and allows for data redundancy.
  4. Merge replication: similar to transactional replication, but changes are made via synchronization triggers when the nodes are reconnected.

Stay tuned and enjoy!


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