T-16 Days Until the PASS Summit, The Great Karaoke Crisis?

With the DATEDIFF script returning 16 today, I thought I would share a personal crisis that I am having in regards to the PASS Summit 2012.   Denny Cherry (b|t) announced during the first timers conference call earlier this week that the #SQLKaraoke event would be held Wednesday night at Bush Gardens around 9:30pm with Idera sponsoring the event.  Sounds great, this is the after hours event that I have most wanted to attend because of the #SQLFamily that attends.  This seemed like good timing because the Exhibitor reception ends at 915pm.  Life is good because now I have dinner plans and an after party to go to, right?  Not so fast my friend.

The guys over at Pragmatic Works announced yesterday that they were also throwing a #SQLKaraoke bash along with Microsoft and HP at the Hard Rock Cafe on the same night.  Their party is fronted by a live band, which sounds like a real blast.  In addition, I have a few friends over at Pragmatic Works and they are from Florida so I see them at all of the SQL Saturdays.  Is this normal for Summit, awesome competing events that is?  I will attend both, but what a bummer to have to split time at both.  It looks like everyone will benefit from this #SQLAwesomeness so this is a good problem to have.

Haven’t registered for Summit yet?  Why not?  Come on you know you want to!  See you there!  Enjoy!


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  1. Actually overlapping parties is pretty common at the Summit. Keep your radar on for invites from Idera, SolidQ, SQLSentry and others. Sometimes you have to ask nice and smile.

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