T-22 Days Until the Summit Conference, No Sleep for the Weary

With the DATEDIFF script returning 22 today, I thought I would share a thought that I had today while thinking about the PASS Summit 2012.  I might get an average of three hours sleep a night, and I am stoked!  Obviously, I usually get about eight hours a night and I function pretty well within that framework.  But you only get this opportunity once a year and I plan on making the most of  the opportunities.

With evening activities and many after hours activities filling up and my goal of experiencing everything I can at my first Summit, I may have to sleep the next week.  The interesting part is the wide variety of activities being provided by sponsors as well as PASS itself.  My SQL cup will runneth over that week, come and join me.

Haven’t registered yet?  Why not?  Come on you know you want to!  See you there!  Enjoy!


About SQLGator

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Florida Gator, Star Wars fanatic and is there anything else...oh yeah PS4! I am a geek and SQL Server Business Intelligence Consultant, there are other technologies greater than these? Not so fast my friend! I also love to travel to new and exotic places.

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