SQL Saturday #132, Pensacola

Wow, another SQL Saturday is coming up and I am über excited!  For this one I will travel up the panhandle to beautiful Pensacola with my lovely bride who will enjoy the sun and fun with me as we turn this into a four-day getaway.  After our daughter’s graduation a couple of weeks ago, we could use a break.

This SQL Saturday is different for me in a few ways.  First of all, I am going to the Pre-Con!  This will be my first ever pre-con training as I never could get the schedule right in coordination with my work schedule.  The stars aligned just right for this one, though.  This pre-con will be “Demystifying Database Administration Best Practices” presented by Microsoft Certified Masters Robert Davis (twitter|blog) and Argenis Fernandez (twitter|blog).  Being passionate about best practices, I am excited about this session as well as meeting two fellow tweeps.

The second difference is that I will be presenting for the first time ever!  Going old school MTV style:  This Saturday live at 1 pm come see the world-premiere video (er, I mean) presentation from SQLGator.  It is a lightning talk presentation which will be great for my first time to help me get over my stage fright and conquer my goal of speaking.  I am still considering submitting for SQL Saturday #151 Orlando and this will be a good test of whether or not I can do this.  I am confident I can do this, but I am having some serious nervousness.

Hanging out with #SQLFamily will be amazing and I am looking forward to meeting some new people especially some of the bigger names in the SQL Server community.  Come on out and enjoy the free learning.  See you there!


About SQLGator

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Florida Gator, Star Wars fanatic and is there anything else...oh yeah PS4! I am a geek and SQL Server Business Intelligence Consultant, there are other technologies greater than these? Not so fast my friend! I also love to travel to new and exotic places.

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  1. Good luck on your presentation! It’s not as hard as it sounds and should be a good time.

  2. Have fun. I’m starting in the minors this week and presenting at our local SQL PASS user group for my first time.

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