Who’s You’re Daddy?

Sitting around my Dad’s house for the Memorial Day weekend which always coincides with my birthday celebration weekend, the subject of ancestry always comes up. My sister and I have been tracking our ancestry especially with my parents are getting older this becomes more important for the two of us to pass this along to our children.j

My wife enjoys listening to the numerous stories of my childhood and all the stories of our family and our crazy relatives; when you’re from the South you always have crazy relatives. The repetition is helpful so that these stories are remembered, now my wife is recording all of this into ancestry.com to coincide with her history. My sister has recorded part of this history, and thankfully we have a Civil War heritage that does not include any Yankees, which would’ve been disgraceful for any self-respecting Southerner. We are also part Native American, as well as Irish and Scottish so you can guess that we have a rich history with alcohol and fighting.

With all of this being said, I am reflecting on family and the greatest lesson I have learned in life is that no matter what happens in life all you have is your family, treasure it! Spend this wonderful weekend with your family. Enjoy.


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