MCITP: The Long Road Ahead…Step Two

As you may already know from my blog, I have started down the path moving towards my MCITP for SQL Server 2008. Now I have some logistical quandaries and maybe some of my #SQLFamily can provide some insight or opinions.

The first item I was looking at, was which class to take. Obviously, there is a Global Knowledgeboot camp entitled: MCITP: Database Administrator, SQL Server 2008 Boot Camp. This class covers the 70-432 and 70-450 Microsoft exams needed to obtain the MCITP. I have alreadypassed the 70-432, but they are rolled into one course which is fine by me because you can never receive too much SQL knowledge.  Other than that course, I have not really seen any other MCITP specific courses in my area.  However, someone had mentioned to me that taking one or more of the SQLskills immersion courses would be great in this case.  I asked this question a couple of times on twitter yesterday and did not receive any response. Any ideas?

Next up….test prep. I have never really been a big proponent of the test prep software.  I have always bought books and taken classes and studied that material. Is that a good idea with the MCITP or does this particular exam need test preparation software?

Finally, are there any MCITP books that are better at preparing you for this exam?  I have heard that the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Bible and the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Unleashed books are excellent sources for study information.  Amazon has a book specifically for the MCITP, called Real World Skill for MCITP Certification and Beyond.  Anyone used it?

This journey is starting to come together, I just need a few more tools. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi there, I used the Tom Carpenter book you mentioned for the DBA MCITP and it’s a good book, a lot of good stuff in it. One thing I will say is that the replication section in it is really poor and if I had not had production instances in replication topologies I would have struggled based on the book alone. So you will need to find something to help you bolster that area.

    I made a couple of comments about the MCITP in this blog post –

    Good luck

  2. I’m taking the 70-450 tomorrow. I asked the same question on twitter last week. Responses from @SQLFreccia , @retracement & @GavinPayneUK pointed to Real World Skill for MCITP Certification and Beyond and SQL Server 2008 Administration in action. I found both to be good sources of information/training nothing beats hands on experience. I set up a virtual lab at home and worked on areas with which I was less comfortable. BTW, I follow you on twitter but missed your tweet asking for suggestions. Wish me luck tomorrow and good luck to you as well.

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