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DBAs, MCMs and MVPs, Oh My!

In the #SQLFamily, there are several great MVPs and MCMs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Microsoft Certified Masters, respectively) that are always available to help a SQL database administrator in need.  Personally, I have not seen this kind of family atmosphere or camaraderie in any other area of technology that I have worked within.  There is a great sense of pride in this family and a great sense of honor in helping other administrator and even developers.  This is simply unheard of in today’s environment.

There is a flip side to this wonderful community and please do not get upset for what I am about to say as this community has been good to me and I appreciate everything they have done for me.  With that being said, it can be intimidating for new people coming into our family.  For example, on Friday night, I sat next two big names in the SQL Community, Andy Warren (Blog | Twitter) and Kevin Boles (Twitter), at dinner and quite simply I was awestruck.  I should have relished at the chance to bask in their SQL knowledge.

How do you talk to guys of that  level?  I was intimidated, plain and simple.  Can I talk to them on twitter, absolutely as I am not intimidated by their #SQLAwesomeness at that level.  Maybe it is just me?  Anyone else have trouble with this?


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