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How to Upload/Share with Google Docs

While working on the TribalSQL project and discussing Google Docs with other authors on the project, I thought there might be a need for a little handy Google Doc uploading guide.

Google Docs Upload Button

Figure 1 - Press Upload

  1. Once your document is saved and ready to go, then log into Google Docs.
  2. Press the upload button (actually just an icon next to the create button) as shown in the Figure 1 and then select File. 
  3. Browse and select your file that you wish to upload.
  4. In the Upload Settings caption box, do not worry about converting your documents, unless you need to.  Press the Start Upload button.
  5. Unfortunately, once this is completing, you are not done.  Now click on the ‘Owned by me’ link below the Create button as shown in Figure 1.  This will show you all of your documents that have been uploaded.
  6. Now check the box next to your uploaded document as shown in Figure 2.
  7. Now press the Organize icon on the top row (the one that looks like a file folder) as shown in Figure 3.
  8. Choose the collection that you wish to upload the document into as shown in Figure 4.  Now you are done with the upload.  Enjoy!

Figure 2 - Select Document

Figure 3 - Choose Organize Button




Figure 4 - Choose Collection


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