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At the start of the new year, I began a lifestyle change (not a diet) to follow the Paleo lifestyle from recommendations from  If you are unaware the paleo lifestyle is to basically eat like the cavemen.  You essentially eat meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables that would have been available to the cavemen and remove dairy, grains and sugars from your diet.  I removed cokes (cherry pepsi to be precise) from my daily routine a couple of years ago and drink flavored water.  Before this move, I eat a good portion of this diet previously only with added grains and enough dairy and cheese to choke a Wisconsinite.

Nine days into this lifestyle change and I have never felt better in my life, however It did take a couple of days to feel better and get adjusted.  Now, I am rarely hungry in the late morning, afternoons, and late nights when I would usually run to snacks which is where my additional weight generally came from.  Late night bowls of cereal, afternoon sweets, raiding cubicle candy jars, and mid morning energy bars were all within my realm of daily consumption because I never felt full.  I was always hungry an hour or two after good size meals.  I noticed this week that those feelings are all but gone.

It is also a good idea to eat a good breakfast and a big lunch followed up with a light dinner to provide the necessary energy for the day.  I also walk daily and try to do cardio two to three times a week but those are outside of the meal plan as I have done those in the past and did not see significant and permanent weight reduction.

A typical day’s menu for me:

2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms, banana peppers, and jalapeno

Dinner (Lunch for non-Southerners)
Chicken or red meat with a hearty serving of vegetables (baked chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower)

Half the portion of what I had for dinner.

Bowl of fruit or coconut milk ice cream (surprised that this tasted like regular ice cream)


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